ETHNOPHONICS blends urban rhythms and exotic melodies, compositions and improvisations. Musicians from all the world meet in this project. This geographical orchestra on the move invites you in any place in this world.

Abyssinian funk and Berber folk, cumbia and desert rock, ETHNOPHONICS’ music knows no border. No visa needed, fasten your seat belt, get ready to take off!

ETHNOPHONICS presents its new show « UBI QUE », starring live musicians and interactive videos. UBI QUE's world premiere took place in Turkey in june 2016.

Live musicians interact with videos on screen. Although, the live music isn’t just a movie soundtrack : portrayed musicians from Morrocco, Turkey or Laos are jamming from the screen with the band on stage; roads and landscapes scrolling on the beat, fishermen and passersby moving in rhythm, their moves turning into dance, the dance becoming trance.

UBI QUE  is a visual and musical journey around the world.

ETHNOPHONICS adından da anlaşılabileceği gibi halk ezgilerini ve egzotik melodileri, doğaçlamaları ve besteleri harmanlayarak müzikseverlere seslenmeye çalışır.

ETHNOPHONICS'in müziği sınır tanımaz; Afrobeat ve Kosher HipHop, Cumbia ve Berber Chaabi ezgileri ile Habeşistan Funk ve Çöl Rock ritmlerine kadar uzanır.

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